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Generaal jacqueslaan 157, Kot 33




Hello dear student at university in Brussels  !! Due to circumstances  this place is become available on July 01st just for two months. This is a very nice one bedroom apartment with double bed and furniture, equipped with an open kitchen (type USA kitchen), giving you the impression you could stand at a bar. This apartment is to share with an existing student, following Academy of Modern Arts in Brussels (guitar). You will rent the private bedroom with double bed, while the existing student is having the main room with kitchen box.  It is located at the third floor of a big house, just at 5 minutes walk from the universities in Brussels  (VUB & ULB). Windows are very large and will give you lots of light. This apartment  has everything you need, including cooking plates, micro-wave, cutlery, plates, glasses, pans, ... you have even unlimited access to a washing machine in the basement, included in your renting price. You have to consider this special price for the two summer months coming now (July 2022 and August 2022) : It's an all in price, so no surprise for you ! The rent is € 525,00 and the fixed charges are € 95,00 every month, so you have to consider that the monthly amount for renting this place, is effectively the sum of these two amounts = € 525,00 + € 95,00 = € 620,00 and there comes nothing on top of these € 620,00. The place is NOT available. And on top of things, I will be your coolest landlord you will ever have, and for that I would like to receive a medal ... but instead, we'll share a glass of wine together, it's even better !  Call me ! Write me ! SMS me !!  WhatsApp me ! "Messenger" me ... now we are reachable all ways ... and always !  Best regards, Vincent


  • Boulevard Général Jacques - Generaal Jacqueslaan 157, Ixelles

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