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Generaal jacqueslaan 157, Kot 01



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Hello !! This is a very very nice one-bedroom apartment where you as  a couple (or as a single person for even more comfort and more space) could easily live, study, cook, enjoy, live, recharge your batteries  ...  or just do your internship or PhD or traineeship in Brussels. It could also work for a couple + one person (with extra bed in the living room) ... if necessary, for a brother, a sister, a mum or dad who would need to be in Brussels occasionally. It is located at the ground floor of a big building (with ground floor + 4 storeys), just at   5/10 minutes walk from the universities in Brussels  (VUB & ULB). Your windows are opening on the boulevard at the front  side of the property so that you keep contact with the lively city when you want it and when you don't want it, you just close the curtains. The apartment has everything you need, including cooking plates, micro-wave, classical oven, cuttlery, plates, glasses, pans, bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk, chairs, sofa in the living room that you can transfer in an occasional bed for visitors ... you have even access to a washing machine in the basement of the building, so that you don't have to run to the laundry at the corner of the street, included in your renting price (1). One of the best things in this apartment is the massive wooden floor everywhere (except in kitchen and bathroom of course). It's very warm and very comfortable.  The furniture have also slightly changed last month but I don't have the new pictures yet (pictures taken with a phone aren't very good). There are NO extra charges, because it's an all in rent (1) !! It's all inclusive, so that we always stay good friends. Even insurance and wifi-internet are included in the price ! Now what for the rent and the charges ? Read this very carefully, PLEASE !!! The rent for this very nice apartment is normally € 950,00 and the fixed charges are € 145,00 every month, so you have to consider that the monthly amount for renting this place, is effectively the sum of these two amounts = € 950,00 + € 145,00 = € 1.095,00 and there comes nothing on top of these €1.095,00  but please check these two points (1) & (2) here under. It's all in (charges in as well) when you live there with 1/2 people ... And on top of things, I will be your coolest landlord you will ever have, and for that I would like to receive a medal ... but instead, we'll share a glass of wine together, it's even better ! The welcome wine is already in "your" fridge. The address of the apartment is : 172 Boulevard General Jacques 1050 Brussel (you may check on Google Maps). It is just 5 minutes walk from VUB. And that's a serious asset !!  Call me ! Write me ! SMS me !!  WhatsApp me ! "Messenger" me ... now we are all reachable all ways ... and always ! Best regards, Vincent  (1) just your consumption of water is not concerned but this all in formula - you have an individual counter - but if you care about environment, water won't be an issue ! That's why I will ask you a provision of € 25,00 per person and per month.  (2) the time is getting a little bit confused with climate issues, CO2 reductions, CO2 effects, nuclear energy or not, fossil fuels or renewable fuels, general and serious increase of prices on energy (governments talk about up to 50%), solar and wind energy being just intermittent, ... so I need to warn you about a possible deviation of "all in" as far as energies are concerned : electricity for everything, gas for heating, water for kitchen and bathing purposes. It would slowly become more a provision, rather than an all in formula.  These topics were stable for years, I really mean for dozens of years, but now everything seems to go any direction. Governments want to cancel nuclear programs and relaunch gas power plants, even power plants driven by coal (WTF) just like in Germany ... this is absolutely ridiculous as far as our CO2 output is concerned ... As a landlord I have to address all this issues at the start of your renting period ... and if you stay with me for years, we need to be flexible both ways ... because I would really like to make your life easy ... keep in touch.

  • Boulevard Général Jacques - Generaal Jacqueslaan 157, Ixelles

  • Type of listing: Room

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